The best laid plans...

...Sets the stage for the year ahead. Embrace the new year with a serene confidence that comes from having a well-organized life. Our carefully curated 2024 Planner Collection is here to help you paint a vivid picture of your days ahead, keeping you in sync with both the important milestones and the delightful moments that await.

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līnea /ˈlɪn.i.ə/ us /ˈlɪn.i.ə/ plural lineae / A line of thought; an outline, a sketch /

At Līneae, we believe that it's the simple things that add up to a beautiful life. From opening the first page of a vividly designed notebook to organising your to-do list with some artfully drawn washi tape; it is in these small traditions that we may find calm.

We sell a range of stationery from independents and small companies across the world.