Luxury meets legacy, one elegant bloom at a time.

Where whispers of history meet modern masterpieces, our luxury stationery blooms. Crafted with conscience - hand-stitched pages, sustainably sourced materials, and vibrant inks, with whispers of gold. Each one, a canvas for your dreams, woven with a legacy of impeccable craftsmanship and conscious design. Let your thoughts unfurl, and leave your mark. Explore our collection today.

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Customer Reviews

"Just purchased the Boro Tote Bag from the collab with MUNI and am absolutely loving the look and feel of the fabric! I've used it for everything from books to workout gear to grocery shopping. It definitely levels up my style game too."

"Lifesaver AGAIN. You guys always come through for all my last minute birthday gifts. Top notch."

"I love your shop! Thanks for making my day."

"So impressed at how fast you informed me, with clear alternatives. Love the 5 star attention to detail."

"Love the wide selection of brands and layflat notebooks available - layflat is life - and am loving the colourful pen selections, which I am slowly collecting as well."

"As someone who loves travel, The City Works collection is my absolute favourite! Keeping travel journals in each city notebook ♥"

"Thanks for being so prompt in resolving this issue."


līnea /ˈlɪn.i.ə/ us /ˈlɪn.i.ə/ plural lineae / A line of thought; an outline, a sketch /

At Līneae, we believe that it's the simple things that add up to a beautiful life. From opening the first page of a vividly designed notebook to organising your to-do list with some artfully drawn washi tape; it is in these small traditions that we may find calm.

We sell a range of stationery from independents and small companies across the world.