A Hope Of Beauty

Līneae was born out of the beauty that is found in the simplest of moments.

The beauty of opening a fresh journal with a morning cup of coffee in a new city…

The beauty of taking time to pen a letter to a far-away friend…

The beauty of the art that can be found in even a simple line or curve.

In an increasingly digital world, a world that seems to accelerate year upon year, taking time for ourselves, for our loved ones and for art can seem difficult. And yet now, as always, everything still begins only with a line of thought… A small hope of beauty.

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A Vision of Unity

Art, Culture, Narrative

Līneae unites beautiful pieces from around the world in a single place.

By bringing together products from independent studios and artists, we weave together cultures, narratives and traditions. We also hope that you will use these products to create your own memories and stories.

The power of these “slow hobbies” - writing, reading and reflecting - cannot be underestimated in our hectic modern day.

And yet, at Līneae, we understand that the digital world has the power to unite us like never before, and that it can keep art and tradition alive through shared connections.

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Thoughtful, Ethical, Enduring.

We’re passionate about beautiful things that last; we only sell high quality pieces that are made in a way that respects the beautiful world in which we live. We strongly support the use of sustainable forestry practices and eco-friendly materials.

Our products are also sold with love and gratitude for all the people who create them. We strive to select products that have a smaller carbon footprint and to work with businesses who give back to their local communities.

When you buy something from Līneae, you’re buying a quality piece that supports people as well as the planet. Līneae’s founder Stephanie is committed to showcasing these wonderful small businesses and supporting mindful consumerism.