It is said that some of the greatest influences that we have in life start when we are young.  As a kid who grew up in multi-cultural Malaysia, I had the luck to have a fun childhood; and as a young adult living in Melbourne, the exposure to the cultural melting pot south of the planet.

I like my work but I always had this pull to explore.  So, working and saving to travel became something that defined my yearly plan.  I have always loved trying new cuisines and discovering new restaurants but I am not a foodie.  I love travel and blogged about it for a while but I am not a blogger.  This site has nothing to do with either travel or food, both great loves of mine (ok, maybe there are some travel related things).

As I journeyed through different countries, cities, communities, I enjoyed most the subtle discovery of culture and craft.  Since I was young, I was always spending time in bookstores (they had them in those days) with their wall of books and shelves of stationery and pens!  Besides the rainbow colours, I had my first introduction to paper with the “Paper by Weight” section in one of the local stores called Guardian Pharmacy, which was not just a pharmacy, obviously.  Textures, thickness, colours and materials – these were fascinating and started a love for stationery that motivated me to create Līneae.   

On each of my trips now, I purchase a book in the local language of the place that usually gives you insight into the local culture.  Often, I get recommended a book by a local who comes across me browsing books in what clearly is a foreign language to me.  Līneae is the culmination of a drive to bring together, from around the world, items of uniqueness, beauty and usefulness to a single marketplace  accessible to all.  It is especially important to us to showcase smaller studios and artists that create beautiful stationery and instruments to a wider audience. 

In an age, where children aren’t taught letter writing in school and penmanship is a thing of the past, I want to bring to those aficionados a selection of some of those amazingly designed stationery that bring us a valuable part of our culture in the form of paper and pen.  These brands that I have selected have a strong heritage and are also edgier brands that are driving new eco-friendly materials, design and evolving their products. 





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