7 Brands That Will Make You Fall In Love With Writing Again

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We all have times when we fall out of love with our favourite thing to do.

Whether you’re a writer or a lover of journaling, there will always be times when you feel less excited about reaching for your notebook.

It can be super frustrating to watch the days go by without working on your latest project, but a lot of the time all you need to get the creativity flowing is a new journal! 

We’ve compiled this list of 7 of the best journal brands that will make you fall in love with writing again. Their notebooks and journals, as well as the stories behind them, are sure to spark inspiration!

7 Luxury Stationery Brands That Will Help Unleash Your Creativity Again


If you’re looking for a cute notebook, you really can’t go wrong with one from Monograph. Designed in Denmark, function and personality define each and every piece, making each item a real joy to behold. Based on Scandinavian design principles, Monograph’s use of colour and texture is minimalist and sophisticated yet often playful and bright. A notebook from Monograph is sure to brighten up your desk and reinvigorate your creativity.

Monograph Stationery Tools

Featured: Monograph Office Tools 


Out of a small studio in Barcelona, Octaevo creates beautiful and totally one-of-a-kind notebooks. Screen printed and covered in textured linen, the beauty is every detail here! Their passport sized notebooks are particularly special and perfect for jotting down ideas on the go. Their stamped designs allow your mind to wander as it does when travelling; while their calm, muted tones replicate the feeling of easy mornings in the Mediterranean. 

Octaevo Passport Travel Notes

Featured: Octaevo Passport Travel Notes

Katie Leamon 

One of the best journal brands has to be Katie Leamon! While this family-run stationery brand makes a whole range of items, their intricately designed notebooks are especially beautiful. The unique patterns are so captivating you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another world! You’ll definitely be reaching for these for your biggest writing projects.

Katie Leamon Kin Reversible Notebook

Featured: Katie Leamon Kin Reversible Notebook

Rifle Paper Co.

Created by illustrator Anna Bond and her husband Nathan, the journals and notebooks created by Rifle Paper Co. have a real sense of independently designed beauty. Perfect for those who are inspired by floral motifs, each of them are hand-assembled with incredibly detailed designs on the cover. Purchasing one of these means investing in your own imagination!
Rifle Paper Co. Birch Notebook Set
Featured: Rifle Paper Co. Birch Notebook Set


Founded by artist Katy Goutefangea, Ola is a notebook brand that celebrates the beauty that can be found in the simplest of designs. Inspired by mid-century design and architecture, each of these famously lay flat notebooks and journals are minimalist and cute. If you’re someone who finds busy patterns distracting, this is the best journal brand for you. Their journals and notebooks are also eco-friendly and economically sustainable, which is amazing!

Ola Layflat Notebooks

Featured: Ola Layflat Notebooks

Iron Curtain Press

Iron Curtain Press is a small letterpress print shop based in Los Angeles. Having started out creating in a backyard shed, this is a brand that has managed to maintain a really special hand-crafted feel. If you’re looking for a cute notebook, these are essential!

Iron Curtain Press Standard Notebook

Featured: Iron Curtain Press Standard Notebook

The School of Life

If you’re really stuck with writer’s block, you need to pick up a journal from The School Of Life. Philosophical and meaningful, each of their journals has a theme for you to follow, but are left plain for your exploration. Their Journeys journal, for example, encourages you to reflect on both your physical and emotional journeys.

The School of Life Writing for Therapy Journals and Notebooks

Featured: The School of Life Writing for Therapy Journals

Cute Journals & Notebooks

There’s nothing like the feeling of returning to writing again, putting pen to paper and letting your ideas flow! 

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Written by Beth Longman

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