Introducing British paper goods brand, Ola.

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Since the launch of Līneae's online store two weeks ago, I have wanted to introduce the brands whose stationery products we carry, and the story behind them. I thought it would be fitting to start with Ola as my discovery of them was an important part in the decision to create Līneae. I was extremely excited when I first discovered Ola as their style and values resonated so much with me that I almost wanted to keep that discovery to myself! But I decided that it was too good not to share with others, what more my fellow stationery and design lovers in Malaysia and around the world.

Ola is a young British paper goods brand based in Bristol. Established in 2013 by designer Katy Goutefangea, its modern designs are mostly inspired from architecture and geometry as well as by artists such as Sol Lewitt, Anni Albers and Donald Judd. Imagine an almost meditative pattern punctuated by bright colours; simple, yet complex.

Ola Studio patterned papers - Kaffe print/clay pinkFeatured: Ola Kaffe Print Patterned Papers in Clay Pink  

What I also love about Ola is their commitment to running a modern responsible business. Ola endeavours to create luxury products while being conscious and thoughtful to the impact each will have on our planet. That means carefully selecting the materials they use, constantly evaluating their environmental impact, and utilising cutting edge materials for a more ethical and sustainably produced product. Ola partners with makers who share their values and supports family run businesses where outside manufacturing is required.

Founder, Katy believes that writing in a notepad is very different to taking notes on a digital device – an opinion that I thoroughly agree with. Her background in studio printmaking and book binding, has ensured that each item is designed and produced with an emphasis on craft, quality and traditional manufacture. All Ola products are either made in their studio, or by local UK manufacturers exclusively using age-old processes, such as stitching instead of using glue, and ink laid with a roller.


Ola Layflat NotebookFeatured: Ola Layflat Notebooks

The brand uses only FSC certified paper for their notebooks while papers from their Conscious Collection are made using waste from food production. Ola also advocates recycling, using 100% recycled fibres to make their signature shades of grey. Where plastic is necessary, they have invested in a biodegradable alternative with continued efforts to find better sustainable options. By investing in these recycled and sustainable materials, Ola plays their part in contributing to the protection of the future of our planet.

“By investing in these recycled and sustainable materials we’re prioritising the protection of our land, our wildlife and home of the future.”

Ola's products are much more than just notebooks and cards. It is designer stationery at its best. They are what I like to call products designed with intention. It is luxury stationery because of the process that goes into creating them. They are not only pretty, but made with high quality sustainable materials and respect for the art of book binding and design.

 Featured: Ola Layflat Notebooks from the Everyday Objects Edition.






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