2B or Not 2B: Should You Invest in High Quality Stationery?

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We all love the feeling of buying a new notebook or a high quality pen. And yet, while most of us restock staple items as necessary, we might feel that these more expensive pieces of stationery should be rare treats. 

In this article, we want to describe some of the benefits of expensive stationery, to explore some of the reasons why a piece of high quality stationery is an investment rather than a treat or splurge. 

Of course, we’ll also include some of our current favourites throughout the article, but be aware that we stock a range of pieces at various price points.

The Benefits of Expensive Stationery:

High Quality Finish

It goes without saying that high quality stationery produces a high quality finish, but have you considered the full impact of this? Better quality paper means that your inks don’t bleed. High quality pens mean that you can maintain a distinct style more easily. 

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A high quality finish means that you maintain a sense of purpose in your work. In business, high quality stationery can keep employees engaged and boost your brand. In personal projects, buying high quality stationery can be a promise, a marker of the importance of your work and a way to stay motivated. 

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Support Local Businesses & Traditional Methods 

Behind these high quality products is of course, quality workmanship. Protecting this style of work is important in the capitalist society in which we live - a society in which the value of hand-crafted work is often diminished. 

Many of the products we sell at Līneae are handmade using artisanal skills and traditional methods. Processes such as hot foil printing and letterpress printing create more unique products and one of the key benefits of expensive stationery is that these methods are protected. In turn, local economies and families are then supported rather than mass factories and large corporations.

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Products That Last

Like many things, stationery items such as notebooks or rulers are often made of materials such as paper, plastic or steel, which may not have an ideal impact on the environment depending on how the materials are sourced. Therefore, it is important to invest in stationery that is made from sustainable sources and high quality materials that last.

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High quality stationery offers higher functionality meaning that items are not only more comfortable to use, but last longer too. Sustainable designs take into account not only physical design of stationery tools, but also the type of materials used. Writing instruments that are made of stainless steel or brass, for example, will age in their own unique and stylish way while paper goods and accessories made from stone paper, FSC paper and recycled single-use plastics pave the way to eco-friendly stationery with a conscience.

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Written by Beth Longman

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