How To Style Your Office Workspace In 2021

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More of us than ever before spent our time working in home offices over the last year; the topic of office design has, as a result, been increasingly popular. Beyond cute stationery and nice notebooks, the impact of office workspace design on work output is well documented. Some studies show that the right workspace design can increase productivity by up to 20%. 

If you’re wondering what the best workplace design is in 2021, this quick guide is for you! 

1. Consider lighting 

The right office lighting is key to enabling productivity - that much is a given. What is less well known though, is the specific arrangement that produces good office lighting. Trying to work with only the blue light from your computer screen will not only keep you up at night, but it’s actually shown to impact your ability to concentrate. 

The best office lighting is that which blends natural, direct and indirect lighting. Where possible, you should try to position your desk near a window. From there, experiment with lamps and overhead lighting, setting up different lights to face you and face away from you.

2. Think about Feng Shui  

Feng Shui has been practiced in parts of Asia for around 4,000 years. There must be something behind it!

To implement Feng Shui into your workspace, experiment with a new office layout. Position your desk to face the door or entrance to the room and make sure you are using a sturdy chair which keeps you sitting upright. 

Minimising clutter is another key aspect of implementing Feng Shui. Ancient teachings explain that clutter drains energy and distracts you from your work. To keep your desk space clear, we recommend choosing a cute desk organiser

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3. Optimise for your work style

There really is no singular best workspace design. The best workspace design is that which fits your personality and work style. Consider how you work and your personal traits when considering your new workspace layout.

Are you someone who is very creative and likes to have room to explore your ideas? Perhaps keep your desk free for A3 pads of paper. Are you someone who likes to feel relaxed in a casual working environment or someone who wants a more professional looking workspace? Opt for stylish organisers or a cute catch-all that will elevate your work style.

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4. Keep staple pieces to hand 

Any office workspace design should be centered around staple pieces of stationery. Of course, pens, pens and more pens are going to be needed for pretty much any job or project, so invest in a beautiful pencil case to make sure you don’t lose them! Similarly, files and folders take any office space from stressful to streamlined. 

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Clips and pins are often very underrated pieces, but are crucial in keeping pieces of paper and important notes together. 

5. Change things up regularly 

While creating a new office layout can be a little time consuming, it is a great way to reinvigorate your energy and focus. Perhaps try seasonal workspace designs or change up small aspects of your workspace when working on new things, such as bringing in fresh blooms each week, or swapping out a plant pot for a statement piece of decor.

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For more tips on office workspace designs, make sure to check back on our blog.

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