5 Must Have Pieces of Stationery For Book Lovers

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Most book lovers will know and treasure the quiet satisfaction that is to be found in curling up with a book and scribbling away quotes in a notepad. In many ways, stationery for book lovers is the equivalent of crackers for cheese lovers - the two go hand in hand!

Whether you’re looking to buy a gift for an avid reader or you’re simply after something to make your reading experience that bit more special, don’t skip this article. 

We outline 5 must have pieces with easy links and tips to get the most out of your books… 


An essential piece of book-related stationery, a slim notebook makes the perfect book lover's companion. Whether you’re reading non-fiction and want to remember key information or you’re reading fiction and simply want to explore the world set up in the book; writing notes allows you to maximise your enjoyment and improve memory retention. Use Ola layflat notebooks - either plain or patterned - to capture your ideas, quotes, new words, and questions for further consideration. Being small and beautiful, you’ll love to carry it around in your bag with you!

Ola Alma Print Layflat Notebook in Salvia Blue

Featured: Ola Alma Print Layflat Notebook in Salvia Blue 


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a good pen on paper. Take your reading experience to the next level with this ballpoint pen. Write notes in a notepad, or even straight into your book if you’re so inclined, and delight in the relaxing activity of watching the ink flow from the HMM Ballpoint Pen. 

Lineae Luxury Stationery - HMM Ballpoint Pen

Featured: HMM Ballpoint Pen in RAW 


If writing in a book with a pen makes you anxious, a set of pencils are a must have piece of literary stationery! Place this gorgeous set from The School Of Life on your bookshelf or next to your favourite reading nook. With inspirational philosophy keywords engraved on each of them, these pencils will encourage you to think deeply and truly elevate your reading experience.

Lineae Luxury Stationery - The School of Life Philosophical Pencil Set

Featured: The School of Life Philosophical Pencil Set 


Another important piece of stationery for book lovers is a nice set of paperclips. You don’t have to be a student to benefit from marking pieces of text to come back to…In fact, this is a mindful practice that allows you to improve your memory and make connections in the text more easily. Pick up this cute set of pom pom paper clips from Meri Meri and dress up your books to improve your reading experience!

Lineae Luxury Stationery - Meri Meri Pom Pom Paperclips

Featured: Meri Meri Pom Pom Paperclips


Life is too short for boring bookmarks...The torn up receipt you found at the bottom of your bag just doesn’t do your book justice! Octaevo metal bookmarks are slim and slip between pages easily. They also last forever! Browse through our collection of beautiful bookmarks today.

Lineae Luxury Stationery - Octaevo Bon Vivant Bookmark in Red

Featured: Octaevo Bon Vivant Metal Bookmark in Red

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Written by Beth Longman

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