Introducing The School of Life - Founded on Philosophy, and Aiming to Inspire

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An educational company that creates inspiring and fulfilling products, The School of Life is a brand to turn to in times of inner confusion or in moments where your creative pursuits need a little direction.

Just a quick glimpse over the titles of their books - from the Journeys notebook to the Great Thinkers collection - is enough to invoke feelings of motivation. Drawing from some of the most important ideas and philosophies throughout time, The School of Life is a truly guiding and potentially even life-changing brand. 

We wanted to use this article to highlight everything The School of Life is about. We will be exploring:

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The History of The School of Life 

Founded by the philosopher Alain de Botton and supported by a group of intellectuals, The School of Life has expanded rapidly ever since its inception in 2008. With a London-based shop, a wide range of online content and an equally large range of products, they continue to grow in their exploration of emotional education. 

The products they sell are more than just stationery - from books to prompt cards and journals - all are infused with lessons that encourage us to explore our thoughts and relationships with an open mind. These topics and more are further explored through the philosophical classes they teach online and in person.

Alain de Botton describes the initial School of Life mission as being to give answers or tools to things that were overlooked in school. He believes in asking the bigger questions - questions like what should I do with my work? And what is love? Through prompts and inspirational quotes, he allows those who purchase his stationery to do so too.

The School of Life’s methods of production

A sense of attention to detail is clear across The School of Life’s entire product range. Whilst designs are often simple, they are no less beautiful. All materials used are of the highest quality; this also helps The School of Life in their mission to help people appreciate the small things. Writing in a School of Life journal, for example, is a full sensory experience.

Since they focus largely on contemporary issues, it goes without saying that The School of Life also makes their products using sustainable materials wherever possible.

Our Current Favourite School of Life Pieces:

The School of Life Journeys Notebook

Whether on a physical journey (such as a train) or experiencing a period of great transition in life, we can often forget to note down our observations and yet these can be crucial to our growth and reflection. The School of Life Journeys Notebook provides the perfect space for jotting down your thoughts. 

Hardback with a beautiful printed cover and inspirational message inside, this notebook is sure to motivate you to pick up your pen and write.

The School of Life Writing for Therapy - Journey's Notebook

Featured: The School of Life Writing for Therapy - Journeys Notebook

The School of Life Philosophical Pencil Set

Not your average pencil set, The School of Life Philosophical Pencils boost your curiosity and makes every task that bit more interesting. True to the The School of Life's philosophy - curiosity inspires learning and greater understanding.

Engraved with philosophical words that are full of meaning and including a leaflet which explores these ideas, these pencils are sure to have pride of place on your desk or in your pencil case.   

The School of Life Philosophical Keyword Pencil Set

Featured: The School of Life Philosophical Keyword Pencil Set

The School of Life Small Pleasures 

This incredible book from the School of Life is a reflection upon those small pleasures that we may sometimes overlook...a good book, a midnight walk, being tired after a productive day.

Focusing more on these little things allows us to enjoy daily activities more and to feel more satisfaction with our lives.

The School of Life Press - Small Pleasures book

 Featured: The School of Life Press - Small Pleasures


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Written by Beth Longman

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