5 Types of Notebooks You Can't Live Without

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A notebook is an essential tool for writers, artists, designers, students, and anyone who needs to take notes or jot down ideas. But what kind of notebook should you use? Here are five different kinds of notebooks that will suit all sorts of people.

Yamama Side Colored Hardcover Notebook 

Whoever who said notebooks are boring was wrong. This side colored hardcover notebook is bound with fabric and comes with coloured page edges that make an bold statement. Smooth pages using high quality writing paper from OK Fools make them perfect for taking notes, sketching out designs, or writing short stories whether at your desk, or on the go.

They come in a convenient A5 size, suitable for most bags, but if you're looking for something more portable, try one of Yamama's smaller options in A6 or A7 sizes. They're all hardcover bound and come in gorgeous colours to suit different styles and needs.

Yamama side colored hardcover notebook


Poi Co. Journals

If you're looking for a stylish notebook that doubles as a journal, check out these log journals by Poi Co. They come in a range of neutral colours inspired by nature, designed to soothe and bring calm to your day.

Use them as a log book to complete projects, explore ideas, or simply as a journal just to jot down your thoughts. Stitched along the spine to open flat with thick pages ink from bleeding through, these log journals are perfect for the sophisticated, those who love understated style.

Līneae Luxury Stationery - Poi Co. Journal and Notebook


Papelote Pocket Notebook

The Papelote Amok range of pocket notebooks is staple bound at the spine and have a softcover made of thick coloured paper, which makes it flexible and easy to write on due to its lay flat binding. The handy A6 size means that it is ultra lightweight and portable - a must-have for note taking and jotting down ideas - you never know when inspiration might strike!

They come as a set of two in beautiful colour combos and also come with a pen loop and pencil to keep everything together. Don't lose your thoughts, and never lose your pen or pencil again with these nifty little pocket notebooks!

Papelote Amok A6 Pocket Notebook set

Kunisawa Find Ring Note Spiral Notebook

For a more traditional spiral notebook that looks professional and feels professional, you cannot go wrong with the Find Ring Note Spiral Notebook from Kunisawa. Copper foil detailing and brass wire-o binding sets this notebook apart from its other spiral competitors. And let's not forget the subtle metallic sheen that is a signature of Kunisawa notebook covers. 

This ring bound notebook comes in a wide range of cool and bright colours for those who prefer brighter tones, as well as some darker shades of blue and charcoal for those who like to keep it simple. Made from high quality Japanese papers and materials, the wire-o bind makes it easy to flip through pages, and also tear off sheets when needed. It is ideal for those who need to keep track of things like grocery lists, appointments, and other daily tasks.

The Find Ring Notebook makes the perfect notebook for professional business meetings, as well as personal journal entries. Take your notebook game to the next level with Kunisawa's premium line of notebooks, coming to Līneae soon.

Kunisawa Find Ring Notebook

The City Works Layflat Journal

If you prefer something with a bit more character, you can't go wrong with one from The City Works. Intricate illustrations of some of the world's most well known cities are individually hand pressed onto each notebook cover. Each notebook is OTA bound to lay flat when open - essential for easy writing no matter where you're seated - perhaps even in a train, on your way to somewhere exciting!

Use them for work or play to store your memories, or expand on your creative thoughts. With unique designs that stand out from the crowd, they are sure conversation starters and their many city designs means you will have plenty to choose from! They also make great mementos that you'll be able to pull out from your shelf or drawer to reminisce about in the future.

Shop The City Works range and more!

The City Works Layflat Journal - Paris in Pink

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