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There is nothing quite like the feeling of being inspired. Between hurried scribblings in notebooks and long moments of reflection in nature, these bursts of creativity can be a true source of meaning in a person’s week or even a person’s lifetime. And the most wonderful thing about inspiration is that it can often have a sort of domino effect, with one creative inspiring another ad infinitum.  

In this article, we’re taking a deep dive into the creative inspiration behind three of our favourite products. Who knows what they will, in turn, inspire you to create? 

The Octaveo Paper Vase

Such a beautiful piece as an Octaveo paper vase, with its bold, intricate patterns and creative shape, looks sure to have a wonderful story behind it. Reading about the brand’s Mediterranean inspirations, we weren’t disappointed. 

Octabeo describes their vases as a “tribute to the ancient and sophisticated art of ceramics.” Playing with the flowing nature of pottery, and the grand aesthetic of the Roman era, they utilise fluid lines and bright dyes. Despite this fluidity, Creative Director Marcel Baer describes the importance of “pushing and polishing” his pieces. All Octaveo works are distinctly clean and accomplished, something that is also indicative of a real dedication to the history of art across the region.   

Octaevo Hera Mini Vase in Pale Blue

Featured: Octaevo Hera Mini Vase in Pale Blue

The Papelote Notebook  

Paper is not a simple base for writing, but a material full of flavor, scent, sound, and color,” describes Graphic Designer and creator of Papelote, Katerina Šachová. When exploring the Papelote notebook alongside this, it’s clear that it explores everything that paper can offer.

This is more than just a notebook, it’s a solution. The design team’s drive to find “unexpected solutions to traditional problems,” is clear in both sustainability and function. These are recycled notebooks that are locally made, each with the unique and famous pen loops that prevent you from losing a pen or pencil ever again! 

Papelote Amok Notebooks
Featured: Papelot Amok Notebooks

Katie Leamon Pencils

Paying homage to the “warmth and satisfaction” found in our everyday tasks, all Katie Leamon products are clearly inspired by the beauty of slowness and simplicity. The pencils that this brand produces are careful in their design, with intricately engraved specification information that allows for precision whilst drawing or writing. 

They’re also sustainable, and made of recycled materials in line with the brand’s classic social-conscience first approach.

Katie Leamon Pencil Sets - Assorted Vol. 3
Featured: Katie Leamon Assorted Boxed Pencils Vol. 3

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