Introducing Katie Leamon - Instagrammable Pieces With An Anti-Instagram Ethos

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Upon first glance at some of Katie Leamon’s iconic pieces, you will be struck by how cute and “Instagrammable” they are. From beautiful printed journals to delightful patterned gift wrap, each piece makes clear the creator’s real love of stationery. 

It is this love of stationery, though, that actually defines the brand and keeps it separate from Instagram culture. Upon reading more about the background of Katie Leamon, you’ll discover that her pieces are intended to nurture traditional habits and handwritten correspondence. 

In this article, we are going to dig further into the history of Katie Leamon as well as, of course, showing off some of our favourite pieces at the moment!

The History of Katie Leamon

Unsurprisingly, Katie Leamon is a female-founded brand. Having graduated from University with a degree in Textile Design and an obsession with paper, Katie was passionate about getting her beautiful, feminine designs out into the world. “Inspired by the warmth and satisfaction associated with receiving hand written correspondence,” her pieces are most often characterised by joyful prints and floral designs. 

It’s all in the details with Katie Leamon…A notebook is never just a notebook, but a peaceful space for reflection in a busy world. Her pencils are not just pencils, but luxury tools designed to promote the art of writing. She seeks to add “value” to the everyday tasks that many of us take for granted; tasks that are a chance for mindful reflection and genuine communication. Her pieces become even more special when we learn how closely her family works with her on them. Her husband helps out with the business side of things and she often collaborates with her brother, the fine artist Tom Leamon. 

Katie Leamon: Methods of Production

Katie describes that to her it has always “been important to maintain traditional craftsmanship in my work. Even more so as more and more brands ditch it for easier cheaper methods. If anything it just makes it more special, which isn’t a bad thing for those of us still cherishing and using them.”

All of her pieces are handmade in England and close to home, which means that Katie can ensure best practice at every stage of production. Her use of quality materials and her focus on ecological and social ethical practices set the brand apart. For example, all her pieces use responsibility sourced materials. Katie Leamon, as a brand, went plastic free in 2020. 

Her charity campaign, Katie Donates, means that each month the team chooses a card and donates all proceeds from selling that card to charity. 

Our Favourite Katie Leamon Pieces:

KATIE LEAMON Kin Reversible Notebook

A notebook to treasure, Katie Leamon’s reversible notebook is a collaboration between her and her brother - the fine artist - Tom Leamon. With its beautiful print and gold foil lettering, this is the perfect notebook for important projects and creative pursuits. 

Katie Leamon Kin Reversible Notebook
Featured: Katie Leamon Kin Reversible Notebook



This set of beautifully designed luxury pencils are almost too pretty to use! In a range of pretty colours, each with gold foil lettering, you’ll feel joy every time you pick up one of these whether to sketch or simply to write your shopping list.


Katie Leamon HiDE Assorted Pencils


Featured: Katie Leamon HiDE Pencils


Special occasions call for special gift wrap. Delight your family and friends with this simple yet stylish copper foil wrap. The set comes with two sheets of paper and two matching gift tags. You’ll just love wrapping up with this! 

Katie Leamon Copper Foil Wave Gift Wrap Set

Featured: Katie Leamon Copper Foil Wave Gift Wrap Set

 Browse the entire Katie Leamon collection here!





Written by Beth Longman

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