Introducing Walk With Me Brand - Where Each Step Brings Us Closer to Nature

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A city-focused brand with a global vision, Walk With Me is set to change the world - one small step at a time. 

In this article, we’d like to draw attention to the brand, whose beautiful origin story and equally beautiful products are a refreshing addition to the world of sustainable stationery and accessories. 

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The History of Walk With Me

Walk With Me was founded by Madrid-based designers Pablo Baqué and Deira Reina. A couple with a passion for travelling around beautiful cities, they began by collaborating with international illustrators and brands to represent the places they saw in vibrant maps. 

Working to provide a unique perspective, their business quickly transformed into something much larger. They work to nurture a love for a slower pace of life, a walk around a city, and ultimately a more sustainable way of living. 

These days, Walk With Me operates as a fully fledged lifestyle brand and craft beautiful bags, pouches and cases. Pablo describes the brand as “much more than an illustration project…[they are] products that accompany you on your day to day." The couple take an active role in making cities more sustainable and inclusive. 

Walk so as you can look up, look around,
take your time, and be fully aware of what
you see, hear, smell and feel.
Walking is a multisensorial activity,
and it connects you to your city in a way
that no other means of transport can.

Walk and keep walking.

Walk With Me’s Methods of Production

In light of their mission, Walk With Me’s methods of production are sustainable and transparent. While they started out crafting bags in a small workshop in Madrid, they moved manufacturing to the nearby city of Alicante during COVID-19, adapting to demand but remaining sustainable. On their website, they state that their desire to always go a step further makes them "adaptable to change and open to the needs and wishes of our walkers. In other words: we walk, we evolve.”

All of their products are crafted from durable materials (most often recycled, vegan leather) and designed to last a lifetime. An antidote to the world of fast and disposable fashion, the bags, cases and pouches are minimalist, timeless and genderless. This encourages people of all backgrounds to buy and hold onto them, rather than jumping onto the next trend.

As well as sourcing all of their materials as close to home as possible, the founders also take time to walk with plastic collectors in cities across the world. This, alongside participation in other eco-friendly and community-focused initiatives, takes their brand one step further. When you buy from Walk With Me, you are truly giving back. 

Our Favourite Walk With Me Pieces:


The Regular Pouch is an iconic Walk With Me piece. Stylish and distinctive, it’s the perfect case to display your pencils on your desk or carry your essential pieces on a trip away. It comes in three beautiful colours- navy, red and light blue. The only problem you’ll have is choosing which to buy!

Walk With Me Regular Pouch in Navy - Recycled Leather


Featured: Walk With Me Regular Pouch in Navy


Each Walk With Me triangle case is unique, crafted from recycled leather in their Madrid studio. Perfect for nights out or long days exploring, its adjustable strap means that it can be used as both a clutch and a shoulder bag. 

Lineae Luxury Stationery - Walk With Me Leather Triangle Case in Stone

Featured: Walk With Me Triangle Case in Stone


If you’re looking for a stylish document organizer, you can’t go wrong with this Walk With Me pouch. Perfectly sized for A5 documents, it can fit everything from your passport and travel documents to an iPad mini within it. 

Lineae Luxury Stationery - Walk With Me Leather Small Document Organiser in Camel

Featured: Walk With Me Small Document Organiser in Camel

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Written by Beth Longman


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