Why Green Is 2021’s Biggest Trend & We’re Here For It

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If you’ve even been online once in 2021, you’ll have noticed the gorgeous shades of green that are taking the world by storm. From cute pastels to sumptuous forest hues, there’s a lot to be drawn to… As a colour that was incredibly popular in the 90’s, why exactly is green making its comeback? 

In this article, we’re exploring everything that the colour represents as well as, of course, presenting our favourite new green products.

Green & Good Vibes

The link between the colour green and enhanced mental health has been well researched. For this reason, interior designers often feature cool shades in spaces in order to promote a feeling of tranquility; warmer hues have been found to stimulate creativity and positivity.

In part, the cause of this boost in mood can be attributed to the associations with nature that the colour green carries. Our desire to be around nature can be traced back to evolutionary instincts - a feeling of wellbeing is evoked when we feel at one with the world around us. 

Green For The Future: 

In this light, it makes sense that the colour green is so widely promoted at the moment. With climate change becoming an increasingly urgent issue, reminders of the importance of protecting our planet are key. Investing in sustainable items that reflect the beauty of the world around us is a great step towards taking climate action! 

Stylish Green Stationery: 


Just in, these Hemleva pins are a wonderful addition to any stationery collection. Each of them is based on a different plant - from the rare Pink Princess Philodendron to the captivating Calathea Rattlesnake - and designed with a minimalist style that is sure to look cute on any scarf or noticeboard. The only problem is choosing which one you’d like!

Lineae Luxury Stationery - Hemleva Plant Enamel Pins

Featured: Hemleva Plant Enamel Pins in various designs 


Crafted with layflat binding and stitched with a stylish deep green hue, this notebook is the embodiment of natural beauty. Equal parts stylish and functional, you can lay it completely flat in order to get started on your most important projects.

Lineae Luxury Stationery: Ola Everyday Objects Edition 1 Layflat Notebooks
Featured: Ola Everyday Objects Edition 1 Layflat Notebooks


Why write grocery lists on plain paper when you can make your kitchen shine with this Rifle Paper floral print? Created with an attachable magnet, this is the perfect new addition to your fridge.

Lineae Luxury Stationery: Rifle Paper Co. Herb Garden Market Pad

Featured: Rifle Paper Co. Herb Garden Market Pad


Nothing is quite as enticing as a parcel wrapped with exquisite emerald paper. These gorgeous wrapping sheets from Rifle Paper Co. are perfect for gift wrapping, but also work well as drawer liners and in art projects.

Lineae Luxury Stationery: Rifle Paper Co. Emerald Peonies Gift Wrap as pictured by Martha Stewart

Featured: Rifle Paper Co. Emerald Peonies Wrapping Sheet as featured on Martha Stewart


If you’re not sure about the green, but you want something that captures the same love for nature and spirit for life, take a look at the Hemleva Finger Heart Pin. Adorned with forget-me-nots, this “finger heart” symbol is an adorable reminder of everything that is beautiful in life. 

Lineae Luxury Stationery: Hemleva Finger Heart Enamel Pin with Forget-me-nots
Featured: Hemleva Finger Heart Pin

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Written by Beth Longman

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