Marking The Lunar New Year - Reflections & Celebrations In 2022

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The Lunar New Year is a clear time for reflection. As we are swept away with the traditions of years gone by, we may find ourselves thinking over the past year and mentally making space for a new one. 

This cleansing and renewal is very often a physical act too of course; the Lunar New Year festivities provide a great opportunity to declutter and re-prioritise. 

This year, we’re exploring how you can help your family and friends to do this through some unstereotypical Lunar New Year gifts. Blending tradition with a fresh sense of newness, these are all items that will truly help people to welcome in a new year filled with health and success. 

Declutter your space 

Bring in a new year with a clear house or room and an equally clear mindset.

Storage trays and holders make perfect Lunar’s New Year gifts for others… or even for yourself!

We’re obsessed with the Monograph Stationery Organiser which can be used to tidy up a desk, to hold jewellery or to organise art supplies. What more with it's gold hue, it's perfect for ringing in prosperity.

Monograph Stationery Organiser in Brass

Featured: Monograph Stationery Organiser in Brass

The Octaveo Templo Catchall, on the other hand, is ideal for smaller spaces. It looks wonderful in a bathroom filled with mini essential cosmetics.  

Octaevo Templo Catchall in Light Blue

Featured: Octaevo Templo Catchall in Light Blue

Encourage healthy habits

One of the best habits anyone can pick up in order to improve their mental health is to begin journaling. This could mean tracking an exercise regime alongside other healthy habits or it could simply mean picking up a pen and letting thoughts and feelings flow.

The new year is also a great reminder of the beauty to be found in traditional calligraphy. Why not try your hand at that this year with friends?

Our range of notebooks, journals and planners has everything you need to inspire yourself for a year of writing. Cloth bound books make for beautiful displays on a desk whilst smaller notebooks are perfect for throwing in a bag and using on the go. Opt for a layflat notebook if you’re buying for someone super creative, who likes to sprawl out over their ideas!

Bring in some good fortune

A more classic style of Lunar New Year gift is that which brings in good fortune. Lanterns have been a symbol of this for centuries, but why not bring a fresh edge to the tradition by adorning vases of a similar shape?

Our Octaveo paper vases, recently incorporated in a collaboration with May in December Flowers, are perfect for this idea. 

Part of Octaveo’s “Craftsman Collection,” these are unique in shape and bold in design. Pair them with some traditional blossoms and willows or add a (non-flammable) tea light that will glow through the slits.

Since you can reuse the vases for a number of occasions, anyone you gift them to is sure to be grateful! 

Happy Lunar New Year

No matter how you choose to celebrate, we’d love to wish you a happy Lunar New Year. 

Keep an eye on our Instagram page for pictures of our festive vases. 





Written by Beth Longman

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