5 Unconventional But Universally Pleasing Christmas Gifts

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We’ve reached that time of year again… Between frantic shopping trips and Google searches, we’re all looking for those special Christmas gifts. 

Whether for friends or family, work colleagues or partners, the right gift can say so much...but the wrong one can also say so little. We’ve all bought gifts that have felt a little flat or were a little too stereotypical. 

Boring gifts are out in 2021 so we’ve created a guide to unconventional but universally pleasing gifts. Each of these items are safe bets, but always interesting; any recipient you choose is sure to love them!

Let’s get started… 

1. Mark’s Tous Les Jours Pens & Pencils

Pens and pencils might be considered slightly boring or strange gifts by some, but not when they’re Mark’s Tous Les Jours Pens & Pencils.

Lineae Luxury Stationery: Mark's Days Tous Les Jours Ballpoint Pens

Created in a range of joyful colours with suggestions for daily activities on them, each pen and pencil is a reminder to embrace fun each day. They are incredibly lightweight, making for the perfect addition to an office or bag, but they’re very durable too. Due to their hexagonal shape, they won’t roll around; this makes them particularly suited for artists or writers!

2. Octaevo Bon Vivant Lobster Bookmark

Whether you’re buying for an avid bookworm or just someone who sometimes has to pick up a book for work, a unique bookmark is an often overlooked win.

Lineae Luxury Stationery: Octaevo Bon Vivant Lobster Metal Bookmark

The Octaevo Lobster Bookmark is a beautiful addition to anyone’s life. Crafted from finely cut, vividly coloured metal, it slips into a book easily and stays in place just as well. It is also packaged on a postcard sized mount which really adds an extra touch when unwrapped. 

3. Moglea Cloth Books

From scrapbooks littered with polaroids to books left blank for the recipient's interpretation, you can’t go wrong with a notebook; and Moglea Cloth Books are certainly not your average ones.

Lineae Luxury Stationery: Moglea Polo Cloth Book

Hardcover but bound in cloth, each of these designs is hand painted and entirely unique. Moglea have also created them with exposed, stitched binding that allows them to lay flat for easy writing and drawing. 

4. Rifle Paper Co. Wanderlust Journal

What better way to start off a great year than with a journal to inspire adventure and exploration?

Lineae Luxury Stationery: Rifle Paper Co. Wanderlust JournalThis Rifle Paper Co. journal is a clear reminder to anyone of all the life that there is to be lived out there. Featuring a cute travel motif and outlined “location” and “date” sections, this makes the perfect gift for a friend or family member that you’d like to travel more with in 2022. It’s also layflat for easy writing on the go!

If you’re looking for some wrapping paper with a twist, you can check out our selection of patterned papers and wrapping sheets here. Vibrant and exciting, each of these patterns is sure to put a smile on someone’s face this Christmas. 

To find out more about great gifts for stationery lovers (and anyone else) keep an eye on our page!

And Merry Christmas from us to you! xx


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