Introducing Octaevo - Mediterranean Inspired Pieces From The Heart Of Barcelona

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Few brands evoke the feeling of a long stroll in the Mediterranean sun as strongly as Octaevo. Sure to spark your wanderlust, this is a brand that incorporates the beauty of travel into all that they do. 

To some extent, describing Octaevo as an original brand feels like an under-statement. Their focus on pouring story, meaning and Barcelonian energy and soul into all of their pieces really shines through. From bright, bold paper vases to captivating trinket trays, there’s a lot to love here. 

We just had to publish a piece showing everything off!

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The History of Octaevo

Octaevo is a brand that is based out of a studio in Barcelona and, from the vivid colours to the cool textures, ties to the Mediterranean are instantly clear. In fact, Octaevo’s Mediterrean roots go even further than this.

Founder Marcel Baer describes the brand as “a platform to showcase Mediterranean talent” and the stories behind each creation are an integral part of Octaevo.

Just a quick browse through Octaevo’s Journal will fill your head with stories of art, adventure and history. 

The name Octaevo comes from the Latin word for wind - "Octa" - because of the winds that are so common across the Mediterranean, “Evo” from the medium between time and eternity and “O” from the coastline, an indication of journey. Mythology is also a key element of their brand. 

When looking at the history of Octaevo, it’s clear that there is meaning to be found everywhere. A purchase from Octaevo is an investment in an entire worldview - one that protects stories from across the Mediterranean. 

Octaevo Methods of Production

With Octaevo’s production, the attention paid to every detail is clear. First, they source the finest materials- opting for eco-friendly options where possible, and then they craft their products in a series of workshops. 

As well as their staple pieces, Octaevo craft bespoke, personalised pieces on demand. 

Our Favourite Octaevo Pieces

If you’re now keen to get your hands on your own Octaevo piece, we of course, have a series of recommendations for you!


The iconic Octaevo piece, each paper vase adds a beautiful touch to any space. Made in a range of designs, simply pick your favourite and allow it to light up your living room, bedroom or kitchen. The vases are totally water-proof too! 

Octaevo Coral Paper Vase in White

Featured: Octaevo Coral Paper Vase in White


These metal bookmarks are Octaevo's signature designs and add character to any read. Inspired by symbols from Mediterranean culture and tradition, these metal bookmarks are made from brass and will last forever - our pick for a sustainable option when it comes to a functional accessories. Cool and quirky, they're a great way to mark your page and make things more interesting with a cute reminder of something you love. With so many designs to choose from, you're sure to find one you love!

Octaevo Bon Vivant Red Lobster Metal Bookmark

Featured: Octaevo Bon Vivant Metal Bookmark


A notebook with a difference, Octaevo passport notes are a beautiful way to collect stories from your travels or even just to liven up your general notes! Inspired by philosophical wisdom and covered in classic Mediterranean blue, you’ll take this one everywhere with you. 

Octaevo Passport Notes

Featured: Octaevo Passport Notes


If you’re looking for something you’ll use forever, you can’t go wrong with this catchall. Hand poured by artisans, you can use it to store jewellery or pieces of stationery. It’ll definitely secure pride of place on your desk. Classic and minimalist, it’s also reminiscent of the clean lines used in Mediterranean architecture.

Octaevo Templo Catchall in Light Blue

Featured: Octaevo Templo Catchall in Light Blue


Browse our collection of Octaevo products here.




Written by Beth Longman


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